Payment Options


The Health First Group accepts several types of payment choices to suit our patients’ needs. Patients need to know that Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) has stopped funding physiotherapy visits; however, patients might quality for extended health benefits coverage for physiotherapy and massage therapy visits. Depending on the insurance coverage you have, you’ll not need a doctor’s referral letter for treatment; but, patients should remember that a referral letter may be required for coverage approval as your insurance company could request it.

If you have been part of a motorized vehicle collision, your treatment will possibly be covered by your automotive insurance supplier. In this case, the treatments you undergo will be billed on to your car’s insurance company.

For patients who have been injured on the duty from a work-connected incident, we tend to accept Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims.

At the Health First Group, we have a tendency to help our patients to the fullest extent potential to create their experience of achieving approval for treatment as smooth and timely as we can. We tend to have direct billing privileges with many well-known insurance firms, which eliminates the need for our patients to handle billing matters on their own. As well, we will be able to file insurance claims on our patients’ behalf and work with them to assist our patients get the coverage they need.

Call the Health First Group these days to discuss your payment options and the way we will better assist you.