3 Reasons Why Mississauga Osteopathic Services are Great After a Summer Run

//3 Reasons Why Mississauga Osteopathic Services are Great After a Summer Run

Osteopathy is a service that combines the structure and function of the human body to manually heal any problems found in the body. The practice focuses on the human body as a whole by targeting the musculoskeletal framework. An osteopath’s ultimate goal for you is to have a full effect on your body’s nervous, circulatory, and lymphatic systems using more holistic methods in healthcare. Runners often go through many aches or pains throughout their running season. While some of these discomforts can easily be solved by stretching, it is better to get things fixed by a professional. Osteopathic care is a great thing for a runner to add to their injury prevention and recovery agenda, especially with the running season coming up this summer.



  1. Reduces Pain. After a long run or maybe just after taking a wrong turn, you may experience lots of pain in your foot and ankle area. This pain is the worst, but with an osteopath your pain is no more! Osteopaths will help release any built-up tension in the foot area that is causing you pain. When releasing tension, your blood will begin to circulate better. Thus, making you feel at ease.
  2. Helps Heal Injuries Quicker. It is common to get injured when running, whether it be a sprained ankle or just a scratch on your knee. Osteopathic care is available to help those who have suffered an injury related to their musculoskeletal system. By allowing blood to circulate better and more evenly, any injuries in your musculoskeletal will be motivated to heal faster.
  3. Increases Mobility. Most probably the most important factor to a runner, osteopathic services increase mobility in the foot and leg. When blood is better circulated and muscles are set at ease, you feel freer. More freedom in your body means you will be more mobile and running will come easier to you



We have experience and certified Osteopaths at our Mississauga and Etobicoke locations. Our Osteopaths are able to target all the tension and pain in your foot and make it fade away. We make sure that you will enter the running season like a star. No injuries, no pain and great mobility. In an appointment with an Osteopath, you can expect the practitioner to address your health history and your goals. The Osteopath will then associate your information and needs with the treatment and figure out which treatment would work out best. You will get an assessment of your posture and muscles. Then, a few tests will be done to determine the most accurate treatment plan that will get your muscles and bones in the best shape. Sometimes, you may be asked to come back in for a follow-up session. In these follow-up sessions, there will be a quick test to see how much your musculoskeletal structures have improved since your initial osteopathic care appointment. If needed, you may be provided with some after-care. Getting some osteopathic treatment is a great way to get prepared for the summer running season, come visit us!



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