5 Foot Problems that Orthotic Mississauga Can Treat

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Orthotic massage is something you can apply to your aching feet to alleviate pain and numbness. However, it is not only short term solution, orthotics Mississauga can actually have long term health benefits. In fact, 70 percent of people who suffer from foot condition can be treated by orthotics.

Looking for an orthotic clinic in Mississauga? Before visiting any clinic, this article will help you to understand the five most common foot problem that it will treat. Through this, you will realize how important and beneficial it can be in your life.

Heel Spurs. A heel spur is bony protrusion under your heel, which is often cause by too much calcium accumulation. Although it may be hard to detect, the symptoms and physical changes are usually noticed after a few months. When not treated, heel spurs can cause walking abnormalities and difficulties especially when running in rocky areas or hard surfaces. Orthotic massage, however, will prevent calcium from accumulating under your heel. Foot massage can improve blood circulation, muscle cramps, and disseminate calcium in your feet.

Flat feet – Can’t get that perfect shape for your feet? Well, not all people can notice that you might have a flat feet but issues arise when you try to buy footwear. Having flat feet can give you difficulties. Flat feet usually develop during childhood. You know you have flat feet when your entire feet touches the floor as you stand or walk. With proper orthotic treatment, you can get the correct shape for your feet and be comfortable walking or fitting shoes.

High Foot Arches – Also known as Cavus foot, having abnormal arching of the feet. When you have a Cavus foot, you would notice a super big gap from the floor, in between your toe and your ankle. This formation of the feet makes it hard for you to walk or adjust to pavements, especially when you are walking uphill. Symptoms of Cavus feet usually start from having severe hammertoes, calluses, pain when standing or walking, and unstable foots by reason of having a hill that is tilted inward. Nevertheless, constant visitation and treatment at the Orthotic clinic will help you avoid high foot arches.

Stress fractures – You don’t just get fractures when you encounter a traumatic event. Oftentimes, your feet can get injured due to over-fatigue or overused. For example, if you have walked a really long mile such as in trekking mountains or doing a day-long activity, a foot massage can be a really good option to relax your feet and avoid stress fractures.

Sesamoiditis – Similar to stress fractures, Sesamoiditis is also caused by overusing and fatigue. It is oftentimes characterized by symptoms such as inflamed or irritated tissues and tendons. When this happens, your feet will be too painful and weary. It is highly recommended that you immediately visit an orthotic clinic to have your feet checked.

These are just some of the foot issues that an Orthotic Mississauga can treat. Now that you know its benefits, you are more confident for your reasons when going to the clinic.

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