5 Ways to Destress with Massage Therapy in Mississauga

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1) Improved Mental Health

A common benefit massage therapy provides is improved mental health. Massages can reduce the symptoms of depression by improving the moods of patients and allowing them to achieve a clear mind. Both occasional and routine massages have been proven to help patients achieve a happier and positive life style. In addition to improving the moods of patients, massages produce feelings of comfort, care and connection for patients.

A few issues where massages may benefit patients are;

  • Insomnia
  • Headaches
  • Sports injuries
  • Joint pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stress

2) Reducing Chronic Pain

One way to destress is to remove pain from your body, this is a common benefit of massage therapy. Massages allow increased and improved circulation in the body reliving pain. Additionally, when receiving a massage, the body releases endorphins which is a natural pain killer for the body. Endorphins are sent to both your brain and nervous system to reduce pain and discomfort within the body. Many people use massage therapy as an alternative to medicine and surgeries. Using massages patients can temporarily block chronic pain by stopping signals of pain from reaching the brain.

3) Sleep Better

Massage therapy puts you in a therapeutic state allowing all your muscles to relax and destress, this calms your nervous system. With your nervous system being calm; blood pressure is reduced, heart rate settles and breathing becomes soothing and deeper. Through these benefits your body can release the aches and pains of daily life, providing you with a fresh slate. At night, you are revitalized and able to quickly achieve a restful state.

4) Re-Energizing Your Body

Most people work desk-jobs, unfortunately sitting 8 hours a day causes postural stress. Postural stress causes pain and weakness in the lower back and gluteal, you can counteract this stress with routine massages. Massage Therapists can use various massages to allow your body to de-stress and actively relieve the pain. In doing so you can re-energize your body and remain in a healthy state. It takes time to notice the impacts of daily life on your body, routine massages help to prevent you from feeling these affects.

5) Strengthening your Immune System

Massages help to increase circulation of blood within your immune system, this plays a key role when it comes to defending your body from infections and viruses. Studies also show that massage therapy helps to increase the white blood cells in the body. With a healthy immune system, patients are able to carry out their day to day activities in an efficient manner.

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