Are you tired of that constant knee pain? While the knee is the largest joint in our body, it can also be easily injured. Knee injuries are very common since anything from extremely cold weather to a delicate hit can make our knee pain. Our knee consists of a complex structure with bones, cartilage, tendons, and ligaments; it can easily get fractured. Not just that, but tears, sprains, and strains are also common for the knee. So while you’re performing your basic daily workout or playing your favorite sport, a single wrong movement can easily make the knee pain strike.

Seeking Treatment for Knee Pain:

This is when you start looking for knee pain treatments. Whether your pain is caused by a tough workout or just your improper routine, seeking treatments is normal. But how can you be sure which treatment will work for your knee? Well, at times like this, what works best for our best muscle is physiotherapy. So the best way to treat any muscle ache, especially knee pain, is to go for the best physiotherapy for knee pain. Now, if that’s new for you in this journey of diminishing your never-ending knee pain, let’s go ahead and explore some effective knee pain exercises that professionals recommend.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain:

While there are plenty of physical therapies that can help ease knee pain, some can be highly effective and more reliable than others. This can include:

· Straight Leg Raise:

To perform this physical therapy, you need to lie down on your back. Now bend one knee while having your foot flat on the floor. The other leg should be straightened, and you need to tighten the knee of that leg while lifting it to the height of your other bent knee. At this time, you will feel your hip muscles being pulled and stretched. Make sure you keep your pelvis and legs still and in the position of your abs. once you’re done with this, try performing two sets of the same exercise with ten repeats on each side.

· Squats:

The next effective physical therapy is squats, which will be performed with a ball and against the wall. For this, you need to place a stability ball between your low back and the wall. Now come a few feet forward towards the ball and wall direction. While you do this, make sure that your feet and hip bones are distant. Now bend towards your hips and knees while making your thighs parallel to the floor. During this exercise, make sure your back is straight, and the knees are lined up with the back. Now, in the end, squeeze your glutes and straighten yourself back up to the first position. With this exercise, you will target your quads and glutes.

· Bridge:

If you’re up for a simpler therapy that can serve as the best physiotherapy for knee pain, then you can try out bridge therapy. In this therapy, you need to lie on your back with both your knees bent. Also, make sure your knees, feet, and hip bone are distant. Now squeeze your glutes and try lifting your hips as high as possible. When you’re doing this, try lifting your toes while putting your weight on your heels. After a short while, you can lower the hips to tap on the floor with your toes and then lift the hips and toes again. You can perform two sets of this therapy with ten repeats.


Now before you go ahead and practice these physical therapies on your own, make sure you seek expert help and supervision too. Besides, with various reliable Etobicoke physiotherapy for knee pain specialists available, it’s better to take the best start for eliminating that prolonged knee pain effectively.


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