Headaches. They’re tough. They can sometimes be passed off if they’re not too bad but sometimes they can limit your ability to work, make it hard to sleep, and make it even harder to complete your daily activities. Massage therapy in Milton is a non-pharmacological option for our Milton patients to pursue to find some relief with their headaches.

We will now go through 3 types of headaches and how massage therapy can help:

  1. Tension Type Headaches

When seeing one of our Registered Massage Therapists (RMT) they can help reduce the intensity and frequency of your headache by combining massage therapy with therapeutic exercise. For instance, when an RMT provides massage therapy specifically in the neck and shoulders, there have been cases exemplifying the reduction of tension-type headaches within a week. When we intake a patient who says they have a headache, we always recommend they try this case proved method to attempt to resolve their headaches.

  1. Migraines

Migraines are bad. I’ve personally experienced them a few times. They really drain your energy and prevent you from continuing to do your daily activities. Sometimes they can get so bad that you need bed rest to feel better. Manual therapy like massage has been found to be a non-drug option for many clients trying to reduce their intake of medication. Regular massage therapy treatments to the head and neck have also been found to lower the intensity and frequency of such migraines.

  1. Post-Concussion Headaches

It’s common to have chronic headaches are suffering from a concussion. We get lots of clients who play hockey or who have been in a motor vehicle accident (MVA) that come in with this issue. One word, whiplash. Whiplash is what causes this. In order to help reduce the intensity and frequency of our patient’s headaches and increase their range of motion, we recommend massage therapy. Along with massage therapy, our Doctors can recommend chiropractic and physiotherapy. Once you come in for your first appointment, one of our Doctors will be sure that you’re given the correct treatment plan.



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