The importance of taking care of your foot’s health

Foot care:

About 5% of Canadians have foot infections, including athlete’s foot, other fungal infections, and warts each year. Often people forget to take care of their foot’s health which can cause infections, bunions, toenail issues etc.

“ Cracked heels are on the rise, largely due to working from home during the pandemic. “I’ve definitely seen a rise of cracked heels and generally dry feet due to lockdown,” says podiatrist Andrew Gladstone MCPod, founder of City Chiropody. “I’ve also seen a lot of corms and hard skin as people have been walking around on hard floors at home with no shoes or socks on.” Glamour, 19 July 2021,

During the pandemic, foot care has not been an essential for everyone. The importance of foot care as they are your body’s foundation, if your feet are not well supported, it can affect the rest of your body such as your spine, hips and knees. Those that ignore feet care lead to negative consequences such as dry skin, bone and joint pain along with the chance of getting foot diseases. While individuals that take proper care of their feet benefit with healthy feet, less pains or discomforts and will have good support on their feet.

What is chiropody:

Chiropody is a branch of medical science that involves the assessment and management of foot and lower limb disorders. Chiropodists are the ones that look after your feet and help treat and prevent disorders, injuries and local manifestations of systemic conditions.

Here are some tips and advice that we recommend for taking care of your foot’s health:

  • Take care of your toenails: Cut nails once they start getting long. This can easily be done by using nail cutters to neatly cut your nails or even go get a pedicure done. Use nail polish or nail creams to help avoid your nails from getting brittle. This will benefit your feet as it will prevent any ingrown nails or infections and will keep your nails strong and healthy.
  • Wash and moisturize feet: Keeping your feet smooth and healthy can be done by often washing and moisturizing your feet. This can easily be done by washing your feet with foot care products or having a foot soak or even just washing in between your toes. Moisturizing your feet can easily be done by using foot care creams. These will benefit your feet as it will make them soft, smooth and will avoid dry skin or cracks.
  • Support your feet: With walking and standing up on your feet all day, it is essential to have good support for your feet. This can easily be done by having comfortable shoes that support your feet or even adding foot soles. Foot soles add an extra level of comfort to your feet as they better balance and rest. This will benefit an individual as they will be less likely to have foot pains and discomfort.
  • Check them often: Checking out your feet is very important in preventing future foot diseases. If you do notice something unusual on your feet, we recommend visiting a chiropodist to have it checked out.

Following some of these simple recommendations can help benefit your foot’s health and will keep them healthy.

How chiropody benefits an individual:

Chiropodists help individuals treat, prevent and resolve foot deformities, infections and injuries. As your feet are the most vital and inspiring part of your entire body as they support your body, it is essential to take care of your foot’s health. A chiropodists can help relive your feet from infections, diabetics, athletes foot, bunions and much more.

Connect with service offered:

When looking for more advanced ways to take better care of your foot’s health, we provide Chiropody Treatments that can help you. At The Health First Group, we have Chiropodists at our Mississauga and Etobicoke locations. We treat and help prevent foot conditions such as calluses and corns, bunions, flat feet, foot pain etc. and we even offer orthotics for your feet. With foot care being overlooked by many, consider visiting us for your chiropody care.


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