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Rubimed is a European natural healing modality that has been clinically proven to identify and effectively resolve emotional issues.


Psychosomatic Energetic (PSE) theory is based on the knowledge that a harmonious and free flowing energy is important for mental, emotional and physical health.  According to PSE, subtle energy flows through the body and is the source of health, vitality and well-being.

It is common in clinical practice to see patients who feel tired, irritable and no longer at their peak performance.  The usual mainstream medical examinations often show no specific cause or diagnosis for these types of symptoms.  Illness is associated with a reduced flow of energy, due to emotional trauma which was not fully processed, thereby become repressed into the subconscious and stored in the human subtle energy field as an emotional conflict.  Unresolved, these deeply unconscious emotional conflicts lead to an energetic block and a reduced flow of energy that weakness the body and contributes to physical, mental and/or emotional disorders.

Psychosomatic influences have long been known to be causative in chronic disease.  Research in psychoneuroimmunology and psychoendocrinology indicate that psychosomatic stressors can lead to endocrine dysfunction, a weakened immune system, inflammatory reactions and disease processes.  Dr. Banis’ experience shows it is often not enough to bring these issues into conscious awareness through psychotherapy, but rather need to be resolved in the body’s subtle energy field.  Therefore, a return to health can be achieved through resolving the emotional conflict on the subtle energy level using energetic medicine.

Within the foundation of PSE, Rubimed therapy is the key restorative tool for healing illness and disorders resulting from past emotional trauma.  Rubimed therapy entails a systematic approach using applied kinesiology testing methods and the Reba® device to determine the active emotional conflict and appropriate remedies for its resolution.  The Rubimed remedies include the Chavita® remedies for the autonomic nervous centers with their corresponding Emvita® remedies the emotional conflicts.  The Chavita® and Emvita® remedies are usually prescribe as pairs.  In addition, there are acute remedies for geopathy, autonomic dysfunction, anxiety and nervous tension.

The Reba® device uses a polyfrequency spectrum to measure an individual’s energy levels, with these readings corresponding to physical, emotional, mental and causal states of health.  Additionally, the Reba® device is a versatile tool that can also be used for testing of: organs, food sensitivities, dysbiosis and focal infections, metabolic and autonomic dysfunction, and milieu stresses.  It is also beneficial for testing compatibility and effectiveness of other remedies including supplements and medications.

This device is CE certified medical product II A in Europe.  It is approved in Canada as a measuring device.

For over two decades, Rubimed therapy has been used worldwide, with thousands of practitioners utilizing this healing modality in Europe.  Introduced to North America over 15 years ago, Rubimed has become an essential tool in complementary medicine practices to resolve depleting energetic influences and initiate a holistic self-healing process.

Rubimed Studies:  Clinically Proven Results

Rubimed remedies are clinicly effective to resolve negative health impacts of psychological trauma, and their related physical and mental conditions.  A two year study conducted in 10 European clinics using 1,011 cases showed an 86.5% success rate for resolving anxiety, depression, behavioural disorders, pain, adrenal burnout, sleep disorders, autonomic dysfunctions, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal conditions, allergies, hormonal disorders, skin conditions and stress. (Banis, Reimar: “Multi-Center Clinical Study of Psychosomatic Energetics”, (Townsend Newsletter), Issue 334, 78-81, May 2011)

Additional studies:

2004 (n=336) within eight months: More then 80.5% of standard chronic patients in general medicine showed good to excellent results.  The best results were in groups of patients experiencing chronic anxiety conditions, generalized anxiety, neurologic cases (lameness and neuralgia) ADD and ADHD in children, migraines and cancer support. ( Banis, Reimar and Banis, Ulrike: Psychosomatische Energetik (Psychosomatic Energetics- Results of a Clinical Study), Schweizerische Zeitschrift fur Ganzheitsmedizin (Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine) 3, 173-178 (2004))

2006(n=224) within one to one and half years:  An 85% success rate was achieved with patients treated.  With children, there was a therapeutic success rate of greater then 90%. ( Holschun- Lorang, Birgitt: “Praxisstudie Psychosomatic Energetik”(Clinical Study of Psychosomatic Energetics), Schweizerisch Zeitschrift fur Ganzheitsmedizin ( Swiss Journal of Holistic Medicine), Vol 18. 18, No. 7/8, November 2006.

Applications of the Rubimed Remedies

Rubimed therapy is:

  • A systematic testing approach
  • Detects and resolves energy blocks
  • Resets human energy system
  • A collection of 40 different homeopathic combination remedies.
  • Chavita® 1 to 7 – For the autonomic centers
  • Emvita® 1 to 28 – For addressing underlying emotional conflicts
  • Geovita® – For geopathic stress
  • An-X-Vita® – For anxiety
  • Nurovita® – For nervous tension or pain
  • Paravita® – For autonomic hypofunction
  • Simvita® – For autonomic hyperfunction

How to Select the Appropriate Rubimed Remedies for Patients

The Rubimed remedies are complex homeopathics made up of several different potencies that work together simultaneously on the physical, emotional, mental and causal (subconscious) levels.  It is important to understand that these remedies are not selected according to presenting symptoms, but rather selected through applied kinesiology testing.

Rubimed practitioners allowed the body to tell us what it needs through a positive reaction to specific test vials observed during applied kinesiology testing.  Rubimed testing of the Chavita® and Emvita® remedies is conducted using the Reba® device.

The acute remedies (Simvita®, Paravita®, An-X-Vita® and Nurovita® can be prescribed either symptomatically or with a positive applied kinesiology test reaction.

Agata Jarmuda (Hom) always test the remedies with the use of the Reba® device.  This allows her to be confident that she has determined which Rubimed remedies are best suited for her patient.

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