Naturopathy is a unique approach to traditional medicine. Naturopathic doctors (NDs) use natural substances such as herbs and plants in treatments. These substances support and stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself. The main goal of naturopathic treatment is to address the cause of illness, instead of just treating it or suppressing its symptoms. NDs view the patient differently than a regular doctor would. Though Naturopathy is completely a natural way to heal, some may still be skeptical of it. Especially when it comes to using naturopathic medicine on children. Children are more fragile than adults, so when treating them with medicine, parents are often careful of what they are giving their children. While traditional medication is better known and easier to get, naturopathy opens new doors for pediatric medicine.


Considering naturopathy is medicine composed of natural ingredients, it is definitely safe for younger children. The practice uses herbs and plants which are items that cause no harm to the human body. Naturopathy is seen as ideal for children as it focuses fully on the child and addresses their illnesses straight on. It is also ideal because it is fully natural and delays a child’s introduction to tradition medicine. Some parents do not want their children taking traditional medicine such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen until they are older, so they often turn to naturopathy. Many believe that naturopathy is actually a better option than traditional medicine for all ages! At the end of the day, whether naturopathy is ideal for children or not is up to you!


A patient is seen as a complete person. So, when receiving treatment, the Naturopathic Doctor will have the physical, mental, emotional, and religious state of the patient in mind. A naturopathic doctor might spend up to 1 or 2 hours examining their patient. They will ask detailed, inquisitive questions about the patient’s lifestyle, health history, and how often they are under stress. Sometimes, a naturopathic doctor may order lab tests to be done to learn more about the patient. After the ND has figured the patient out, they will typically start to create a personal naturopathic health plan that will get them on the road to recovery. Naturopathic medicine’s main focus is to educate patients on the practice and use medicine to prevent illnesses. An ND may give diet and exercise management tips. They might use traditional medicine as well, depending on the situation. Not all things are able to be solved using naturopathy. They may also combine touch with the naturopathic treatment with services like such as massage and acupuncture, to create balance in the body.


Are you interested in naturopathy for yourself or for you child? Our company, The Health First Group, has a naturopathic doctor who is certified and qualified to give you the treatment you need. The ND at The Health First Group works at the Etobicoke location. Please visit our Naturopathic Health Clinic in Etobicoke if you are looking to alleviate chronic or acute illness through naturopathy.



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