Below are Physical Therapy Exercises To Improve Mobility In Mississauga:

  • Abdominal Stretch

Lay on your stomach on the floor and keep your ab muscles firm. Next, place both hands right below your shoulders. This will help stretch your abdomen. You may even press up your hands to further stretch out your abs.

  • Back Stretches

Back muscles can often become tense if not stretched and exercised. Exercising these muscles regularly can improve your hip or spinal muscle balance whilst relieving muscular tension. An example of an exercise that you can do is the Quadruped Torso Rotation to improve mobility. Begin by getting on your knees, so your elbows remain beneath your shoulders. Slowly shift one forearm so it comes below the midline of your chest. Place the opposing hand on your lower back and rotate your body towards that elbow. Switch sides and repeat for 30 seconds.

  • Hamstring Stretch

Begin by laying one your back and grabbing the back of the left knee and pull the leg to a stretch. It is common for your leg to bend, but aim to keep your tailbone sturdy on the ground. While keeping the knee straight, work on flexing the back of your foot to stretch as much as you can. Switch legs and repeat twice.

  • Knee Lunges

Stand upright with a gap of approximately one foot placed in front of the other. Lunge downwards and forward, as you remain upright. However, it is important to remember that you are moving your foot forward and lunging, not bending or leading your hips forward. Remain upright and avoid your back from arching to improve overall mobility. Hold the position for 10 seconds and repeat twice on each leg.

  • Back Rotator Stretch

Start by lying on your back and stretching your arms upwards. Next, bend your legs so your knees are pointing upwards and steadily begin lowering them towards the left. Repeat the exercise 3 times by lowering your legs towards each side. To ensure you are doing this correctly, you should feel the stretch going up towards your spine and shoulder blades. You can also slight your arms towards the left, whilst you lower your legs towards the right. This will help maximize the stretch and help gain mobility if done regularly.

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