Many people forget that you don’t have to be the greatest Olympic athlete to pay a visit to a Mississauga Sports Medicine Chiropractor. Those who are involved in the local sports team or are generally active may have suffered an injury that can be treated or prevented. Call today to schedule your appointment.

Chiropractic medicine consists of the practitioner using their hands to encourage the alignment of the spine, joints and muscles. Using various manipulative treatments that consist of applying non-invasive pressure to ease the tension within the body. Your chiropractor will make a treatment plan based on your lifestyle, diet and will take into account any previous injuries.

If you are physically active you may consider visiting a sports medicine chiropractor due to the following reasons;

  • Injury Prevention

Athletes often have to be extra cautious when it comes to injury prevention. This is because being on the field can often be rough and the chance of suffering an injury is very high if you are not cautious. To prevent injury, chiropractors have several therapies that help align the entire body and minimize any imbalances. Typically, any imbalances that occur in the body begin with the spine. Thus, this can cause a domino effect and negatively impact the rest of the body. Studies have even demonstrated that athletes who receive regular chiropractic are at a much-reduced risk of suffering muscle sprains, limb injuries as well as knee contact injuries.

  • Enhance Performance

Sports Medicine Chiropractors are professionals in this area of study as they closely focus on how the structure of the body relates to the way it functions. Thus, chiropractors focus on ensuring that the musculoskeletal system is perfectly aligned. When the body is correctly aligned, it decreases the amount of tension and stress in the body. Which ultimately gives athletes the ability to improve their balance, strength and overall performance.

  • Reduce Pain

It is common for active individuals to endure injury due to the overuse of muscles or even having a hard fall. It is inevitable to resist pain when living an active life. Your chiropractor can help reduce pain by applying pressure to specific points in your body. This will often be done simultaneously with various manipulative therapies. These manipulations help adjust or correct any misalignment within the body.

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