We want to start off today’s blog by saying thank you to all our essential workers. Thank you for working so hard during these difficult times. Thank you for showing up to work each day to help keep everything in order. The pandemic and its associated lockdowns have affected many individuals’ mental health. According to CAMH and its Covid-19 national survey, those engaging in binge drinking, feeling lonely, experiencing anxiety, and feeling depressed are currently higher versus before the pandemic. For instance, individuals experienced higher levels of anxiety due to their financial worry, infection worry, employment impact, and employment exposure.

At The Health First Group we have been helping our patients cope through the negativities of the pandemic through physiotherapy. Since many of us haven’t been too mobile during the pandemic, it is possible to be experiencing movement problems and injuries. Our physiotherapists in Mississauga, Milton, and Etobicoke have been providing several treatments to such issues. After our patients book an appointment, our practitioners create a treatment plan to ensure appropriate measures are taken to help you get back to your normal lifestyle. From our treatments, patients will notice an increase in tissue healing, easing of pain, and recovery support.

Here are some benefits to physiotherapy in Mississauga, physiotherapy in Milton, and physiotherapy in Etobicoke:

  1. Improving Strength and Coordination

Physiotherapy sessions allow for the overall improvement in your strength and coordination. With your customized treatment plan, your physiotherapist may have you do specific exercises and stretches to help with these. Every prescribed exercise will help your body’s health overall.

  1. Reduction of Pain

The overall goal of physiotherapy is to reduce and effectively eliminate the pain you feel in your body. Various prescribed therapeutic exercises help achieve this outcome. For instance, soft tissue mobilization, ultrasound, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), interferential therapy (IFT), and so forth all help to reduce and eliminate pain. At the end of the day, we want you to get back to your normal lifestyle and will provide the necessary treatment plan(s) to get you there.

  1. Improving Mobility

This last topic we will touch on is very important especially with the ongoing pandemic. Many of us have unfortunately been trapped home and haven’t been able to go out much. As a result, many of us are experiencing body and joint pains. Through the correct exercises and stretches, we at The Health First Group can help you in restoring the movement to its fullest.

Get in touch today if you’re looking for physiotherapy in Milton, Mississauga Millcreek, Mississauga Heartland or Etobicoke.

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