Cut the Caffeine:

Having high levels of caffeine on the daily can actually harm your body as opposed to energizing it. Your morning coffee is likely also very high in sugar, which is definitely not a healthy start to the day. For the next week try getting a fruit and veg smoothie as opposed to your regular unhealthy morning coffee. Do this and notice how much more energized you feel.

Smaller Portions:

Eating smaller portions will help you monitor what you eat as well as how much you are consuming. You can start by having smaller portions of food but eating 5 times a day instead of the standard 3 big meals.  Remember that perception matters and studies have found that those who ate from bigger plate sizes ate almost double the amount of those who ate from smaller plates. Switch to a smaller size plate and you wont even notice!

Take Your Supplements:

Often, it is easy to forget taking your daily supplements. However, multivitamins can help us get the vitamins and minerals that our body requires but doesn’t always obtain through the foods we eat. Supplements are convenient and can greatly improve your health in the long run. If you have kids, it is even more important that they are getting the nutrition they need and supplements will ensure this!

Increase Your Daily Step Count:

Sometimes it’s easier to park right in front of the store entrance or take the escalator up. However, remember that small changes create big results. Next time you visit the mall park at the end of the lot and walk or simply take the stairs instead of the escalator!

Sleep Well:

Sleeping properly each night is crucial to maintaining a healthy body. A restless night can impact your mental and physical health. You may notice being drowsy, stressed, unfocused and lethargic without sleeping properly. Ensure that you sleep at the same time each night to set a routine. Aim to get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep each night.


Drinking lots of water is typically overlooked and not taken seriously. However, being well hydrated can seriously prevent serious issues from arising and improve your overall health. This will make your skin glow, improve digestion and even help regulate your body temperature!

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