What Can You Expect During Your First Mississauga Physiotherapy

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Most of us usually receive massage in places designated for massage such as in a spa center, wellness center, or massage clinic. Today, massage or physiotherapy has already become common in other settings such as in hospitals and rehabilitation clinics.

Is it your first time coming into 66a massage therapy clinic? Here are some things you can expect when going to a massage clinic.

Before the Massage. Make sure that it is a good time to have a massage. If you are only rushing or stopping by to have a massage, then it is not a good day. When you are too busy in a day, you would not be able to enjoy much of the massage time.

Health History check-up. Before the masseur applies the massage you wanted, you can expect them to ask you several questions about your health condition. Some massage houses in Mississauga do have forms that will be mailed out to you so you can fill them out. They may ask you about your areas of concern, your level of pain and discomfort, and contact information in case they want to clarify something.

Interview. When you come to the massage house, you can expect the masseur to ask you some questions for clarifications. This is because massage can affect different muscles in your body. If the masseur does not have idea you that you have a medical condition, you might suffer from certain health complication.

During the Massage Therapy

Generally, you will be lying on a massage table while being wrapped in the towel. A relaxing music will be played on while you make yourself comfortable in your position.

Draping. You will be given draping to cover your body. Professional massage centers will not let your private parts to be seen, although they may require you to remove your clothes.

Music. The therapist may play music but you can tell in advance if you want a particular kind of genre or you want the room be quiet.

Oil. Massage therapists usually use different kinds of oils for a particular condition. You may or may not choose oils but rest assured the oils are usually aromatic and very comfortable.

What to Do After a Whole Body Massage

Whole body massage can lasts up 30 minutes to one hour, depending on your chosen package. Here are some things you should do after massage.

After the massage, the masseur will leave you for a couple minutes so you can dress up. However, if you still feel light-headed, you can take a rest or sleep for an hour. You will simply have to pay for your time but don’t worry because it’s worth it.

If it is your first time, you will feel some muscle aches. This means you cannot take a bath for a day yet. Just relax and if you need to wash, you may do so with a warm water. Individuals who have been used to massage will not feel not feel some muscle tightness.

For all times, it is always good to have a one day relaxation after a massage. This is to allow your body to rejuvenate or regenerate energy for another busy day.

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