Winter & Snow Shoveling Tips

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year 🎵

But with the most wonderful time comes a burden of epic proportions for most homeowners — the dreaded morning shovel before going into work. Even though it’s an everyday necessity in most Canadians daily routine, there are a lot of common mistakes that may seem minor but can end up very hard on the body.

Here’s a list of few things you can do to prevent slips, falls, muscle strains, and injuries;

Warm-Up & Stretch – Cold muscles are more at risk for injury. Try stretching your body and loosening up your joints and back and doing a few squats to get the blood flowing. 

 Lifting Techniques – Proper lifting is important when shovelling. Bend at your hips and with your knees. Do not lift with the back; keep your back straight and lift with your legs. Avoid twisting or bending your back. 

Proper Footwear –  It is essential to have a good grip when shovelling snow, especially when slush and ice are involved. Proper boots will help prevent your feet from slipping when lifting the snow.

Pace Yourself – Take breaks if you find yourself overworked. It may be harder to realize your body is tired in the cold, so be extra cautious. Save yourself for the next snowfall 😋

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