Working from Home Exercises and the Benefits of Physiotherapy

//Working from Home Exercises and the Benefits of Physiotherapy

With the ongoing pandemic, you are probably used to working from home frequently. More than 40% of Canada’s population has found themselves working remotely all the time at home. However, with working from home, comes the pain and tension from it. Lack of movement causes soreness and numbness in the legs.

What seems to be the worst pain of all is back pain. 8 in 10 people suffer from back pain at least once in their lives, but with this ongoing pandemic, this statistic is sure to change. Many people might think that sitting for a long period of time is actually relieving to the back but that is incorrect. When the back is sat in a position for too long it will get too adjusted to the position and when you get up, you will experience prolonged pain.

Here are ways that we recommend to relieve back pain you experience from working at home:

  1. Keep moving your body. Though you may be in pain, sitting even longer will not help at all. It might make your pain worse than before. No need to do any crazy workouts, just walk around your neighborhood or even if your house. Keeping your body moving helps adjust the back to constant movement, thus relieving you of back pain.
  2. Do Stretches. Another great way to relieve your back of the pain from working at home. Stretching also helps relieve other muscles of pain and prevents any muscle pain that may occur in the future. Yoga is a well-known way to stretch your back muscles out and relieve any pain.
  3. Maintain Good Posture. It may feel better to sit with a hunched back because of your back pain. However, maintaining a good posture is key to helping your back return to its normal state. You can try sitting against a wall and working to train your back’s posture.
  4. Visit a Physiotherapist. If your pain is constant and you are looking for instant relief, visit a physiotherapist near you. Come visit The Health First Group’s locations in Mississauga, Etobicoke, and Milton to see a physiotherapist that will help you relieve your back pain. Physiotherapy can help alleviate some pain by stimulating specific pressure points by activating the nerve endings. This can help you manage both minor and serious back pain. That is not all we can help with, if you are in the office for long hours, improper ergonomics can impact your overall posture. Back pain can be so bad that you may not be able to maintain a good posture by yourself. Poor posture can cause you to become prone to injury and can often be painful in your back, shoulders or even hips. Physiotherapy helps align your spine and improve your posture.
  5. Visit a Chiropractor. Not all back pain is only in the muscles. Visiting a chiropractor allows for extra relief in your spinal area with the added bonus of improved posture. Getting your spine mended by a chiropractor allows for better movement. At The Health First Group, we have Chiropractors in Mississauga, Milton, and Etobicoke. Our Doctors of Chiropractic can diagnose, prevent, and treat one’s spine from pain and fix posture.


Written by:
Dr. Preety Somal, Chiropractor
Preety works at The Health First Group’s Milton and Mississauga Millcreek Chiropractic Clinic

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