The Health First Group Accepts All Kinds Of Payment Options Which Suit Our Patients


The Health First Group accepts several types of payment choices to suit our patients’ needs. Patients need to know that Ontario Health Insurance Plan (OHIP) has stopped funding physiotherapy visits; however, patients might qualify for extended health benefits coverage for many of our services, including physiotherapy and massage therapy visits. We encourage patients to talk with their insurance company or allow us to help you speak with them to understand the details of your coverage and whether a referral letter is required for a specific service for coverage approval, as your insurance company may request it. Depending on the plan you have with your health insurance company, you may not need a doctor’s referral letter for treatment.

If you have been involved in a motor vehicle collision, your treatment may be covered by your automotive insurance supplier. In this case, the treatments you undergo will be billed on to your car’s insurance company.

For patients who have been injured through a work-related incident while on duty, we accept and work with Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) claims.

At the Health First Group, we strive to help our patients rehabilitate to their fullest potential. We work to create their experience of achieving approval for treatments as smooth and timely as we can. We currently have direct billing privileges with many well-known insurance firms, which eliminates the need for our patients to handle billing matters on their own. Additionally, we can assist in filing insurance claims on our patients’ behalf and work with them to make sure our patients get the coverage they require.

Call the Health First Group today to discuss with us about your payment options and how you would like us to assist you with your claims.

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