What is homeopathy treatment and is it effective? Homeopathy is a form of treatment that uses all natural ingredients such as plants, flowers, minerals and animal products 1. The idea is that the body will heal itself by using natural medicine. How it works is that the medicine is made with something that caused the symptoms in the patient, so the idea is that it will cancel out each other and cure the illness. The mixture is diluted down, so the mixture is a ratio of 1:9, 1 part of the natural ingredient and 9 parts water. Homeopathy overall is meant to help the body heal itself naturally and without any heavy medications. The name of the specialist involved with homeopathy is called a Homeopathic. Each medicine is created by one of our Homeopaths according to the patient and what symptoms they are feeling or what illness they are suffering from. For example, let’s say you were stung by a bee on your arm and broke out into hives. A Homeopathic will create a cream that has bee venom in it, which will help eliminate the hives caused by the bee. The idea is that using the same ingredient that caused the illness will eliminate it and balance it out. With 3 locations in the GTA, The First Health Group is here to help treat any pain you may have.

Are there any proven benefits to using this form of treatment? There are many benefits to homeopathy that are healthier than any other form of treatment. Receiving homeopathy is the healthiest and safest form of treatment because it is all natural and does not use prescription drugs. It also helps build up the body’s resistance to illnesses and disease 2. The whole purpose of homeopathy is letting your body heal itself naturally with the help of natural products. Homeopathy is also fast acting and effective, and can be used for people of all ages since it is all natural. 

Are there any side effects to homeopathy? Like any form of treatment, there are a few side effects people should know before starting this form of treatment. Some common side effects are skin irritation and worsening symptoms. This may occur at the beginning of treatment because your body is reacting to the medicine. For some patients it will take longer for effects to take place, depending on the illness or symptoms and the severity of them. Always check with your doctor to see if this treatment is right for you.

For those without extended healthcare, we offer affordable pricing to help you get back to normal. Don’t wait while you’re in pain, request an appointment today at The Health First Group in Mississauga Millcreek, Mississauga Heartland, Milton, or Etobicoke. Our Chiropractors in all three cities are ready to educate you on movement and your pain, to get you feeling normal. This article was written by Hina Shaikh, PT who works at both our Mississauga and Milton locations as a physiotherapist.