Do you feel dizzy? Does your head ache? Had some hard time breathing? People as we are, we get tired due to activities. We get tired after a hard day of work, walking, talking. Everyday habits is not the only reason of our sickness. Natural environment and intervention is also included in the list. Taking medicines is a normal procedure to do when you experience sickness but there are many problems in our health that medicine could not fight alone. Many therapies are aim to helped people in solving many health problems.

One of these therapies is called physiotherapy. Physiotherapy is also called physical therapy, it improves quality of life and body mobility. Physiotherapy includes diagnosis, physical intervention and examination. Physiotherapy focuses in massage and manipulation and physiotherapist are the ones who initiate physiotherapy. Physiotherapy started way back 460 BC. Hippocrates and Galen are said to be the first physiotherapists. They help people by massaging and hydrotherapy.

Below are the benefits of physiotherapy

1.) Helps alleviate neurological disorders. Neurological disorder is a serious kind of disorder, it is a disorder of the nervous system. It causes electrical abnormalities in our spinal cord, brain and nerves. Symptoms are muscle weakness, paralysis and seizures. Patients with these disorder is subjected to body exercises to improve their muscle strength, muscle endurance, muscle coordination, and reduce muscle stiffness and pain. People who are suffering from these disorder and had undergone physiotherapy are seen to improve their everyday lives. Their hard time for talking and moving was lessen due to the therapy.

2.) Prevents injury and diseases. Injuries and diseases bring pain to us. These injuries and diseases could be prevented though. Physiotherapy helps improve muscle strength. Exercise has been seen as a good way to prevent injuries and diseases. Exercises or warm-ups are mandatory to do before undertaking a sport like basketball, tennis, volleyball and other sports. Physiotherapy is also concluded to be an exercise but with other persons intervention through massaging. Patient’s muscles are massage by physiotherapist to ease pain and make it feel relax.

3.) Treats cardiovascular problems. Many people suffer cardiovascular problems. These problems are somewhat a hereditary or family disease. If your mother, father, grandmother, grandfather had this problems or diseases. Chances are you also have this. But blood is not the only reason for getting cardiovascular problems or diseases. Everyday habits like eating and lack of exercise can also be the reason for you to have cardiovascular problems. Eating unhealthy foods like junk foods and fatty foods are bad for your health especially if you are obese, these foods contain chemicals, cholesterol and fats. These elements are the main reasons for your blood to hardly flow freely causing you to have stroke. Exercising daily and being treated by a physiotherapist could prevent us from having this diseases and problems in our health.

Physiotherapy is truly a great way to do but let us not forget the saying “Prevention is better than cure”.  Minimize your time using gadgets, just to pamper yourself. There is actually a better way to enjoy and relax. Just and out to your local massage clinic and experience physiotherapy Mississauga.

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