Acupuncture in Mississauga, Milton, and Etobicoke utilizes very fine needles that are penetrated in different parts of the body. This is done strategically to stimulate specific areas of the body. Your acupuncturist may utilize heat, massage or even add manual pressure to the treatment. Acupuncture is typically utilized for pain management, chronic conditions or even injury prevention.

See below for who should be seeking an Acupuncturist:

Pregnant women

If you are family planning or are currently pregnant, acupuncture may bring ease to your pregnancy. During the second and third trimester, many women feel aches and pains in their backs due to the added weight of carrying a baby. To help manage this and relieve some of the pain experienced – acupuncturists can help target these spots to ease the tension.


Sleeplessness can significantly impact every aspect of your life from your mood, health and even productivity. Acupuncture can help those with insomnia as the specific pressure points aim to regulate the yin and yang. Note that these are the forces that must be balanced with each other within the body and will result in improved sleep once achieved.


Digestion issues are common and can be frustrating to deal with on a regular basis. Acupuncture can help as it works to activate specific points that correlate with the digestive system. If you are facing any issues with digestion speak with your doctor to get an acupuncture appointment today!

Musculoskeletal Problems

Musculoskeletal problems can often be common for those who play sports or are very athletic. Activating specific areas within the musculoskeletal system of the body can encourage natural healing and circulation. If you are a regular sports player, visit your local acupuncturist to keep you on your game!


As time goes on aging will naturally cause your bones and joints to become frail. If you suffer with Arthritis your immune system in essence is attacking your joints, which is the root cause of the pain you experience. This will often bring along inflammation that is uncomfortable; however acupuncture can help relieve this form of chronic pain.

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