It may be challenging to squeeze a lengthy workout into your already busy schedule. Try fitting in quick workouts throughout the day if you’re finding it difficult to keep active.

Even 5 to 10 minutes of exercise at your desk will help you get over your mid-afternoon slump by stimulating some midday blood flow.

You can work out effectively without a treadmill or a rack of weights. Here are workouts that you can do with very little equipment right now. The best part is that you can do these exercises from your office chair.

Leg raises

Leg raises should be performed starting with both feet flat on the floor, first lifting the right leg, then the left. Each leg should be raised until it meets the desk’s base. To develop your core and your thigh muscles, perform 10 sets of eight repetitions.

Being busy is never a reason to neglect your fitness. Remember that there are a variety of additional methods to fit exercise into your daily schedule in addition to making time for effective cardio and weight training. When done frequently, performing a few easy exercises while seated at work will help you increase your flexibility, muscular tone, and strength.

Overhead side bend stretch

You will experience much-needed relief from the muscles running up and down your sides thanks to this stretch. “Extend both arms high with your palms crossed, as if you were going to jump into a pool. Sit up straight in your chair. When your biceps are close to your ears, take a deep breath, reach out with your arms fully extended, and bend to the right as far as you feel comfortable doing so. Your left hip to your left pinky finger should be as long as possible. Inhale deeply for a few breaths while in this posture, then release. Repeat on the opposite side. As a terrific approach to improve your posture and to widen your shoulders and upper back, try hitting each side three times per hour.”

Arm Circles

Raise your arms out to the sides and sit as tall as is comfortable for you. Draw tiny circles on the opposing walls as though your index fingers were laser pointers. Make a set of circles going ahead, then a set of circles going backward.

It is advised to perform three sets of these until they approach “failure,” which is stopping just as you feel that your form is ready to falter. This is because you aren’t applying any resistance to your arms other than gravity, therefore think greater reps. Of course, pay attention to your body and consider capping it earlier.

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