Finding methods to put your emotional and physical health first (and, yes, even treat yourself) is crucial on any given day, but it’s more crucial during stressful times. But it may be challenging to find methods to unwind when spa days, yoga sessions, and the newest blockbusters are off the table. Here are some free techniques for self-care at home.

1. Take a cold shower

By taking cold showers, you may be able to avoid contracting the most common… cold. Taking ice showers may boost your immune system and increase your resistance to sickness, according to research.

Cold showers reduced the number of sick days reported to work by 29%, according to a Dutch scientific investigation. Even cold showers were linked to increased cancer survival in a different research.

Researchers discovered that taking cold showers may help lessen the signs and symptoms of depression. (The report did mention the need for more research.) Carter, however, advises against exaggerating the effectiveness of a cold shower. He claims that none of these situations call for cold showers to be genuinely effective. “You’re receiving too little for the pain they cause.”

2. Meditate

If you’ve tried meditation but aren’t sure if it’s right for you, know that Chatty says meditation is excellent for enhancing mental clarity.

“Sure, if you haven’t done it before, it might be intimidating, but utilizing this approach is a simple place to start. Set a two-minute timer, choose a comfortable seat, and close your eyes. If you’d like, you may just sit there while counting your breath in for four and out for four. Your ideas come and go, but that’s normal; nobody sits there completely clear-headed. See how it feels for you when your two minutes are over, not before,” she says.

If you’ve never meditated before, an excellent place to start is the mental fitness app Calm.

3. Boost your energy flow

One of those self-care strategies that actually works to boost your self-esteem is moving your body. Consider this: You either sit at a desk or lounge about all day. Your body’s energy stagnates and collects in particular places. Get up and move; it can be walking, dancing, yoga, star jumps, or anything your heart desires. You’ll feel alive and energized after you get your body’s energy moving.

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