What is Chiropractic treatment and what does it do?  Chiropractic treatment is a form of treatment that mainly deals with back and spinal pain/injury. It is a non-invasive and non-toxic form of treatment that only involves a chiropractor’s hands; there are no machines or medical equipment involved. The treatment is done by a chiropractor manipulating the patient’s spine or part of the body 1. During your first session, a chiropractor will assess you and ask questions about your health. This is done in order for your chiropractor to understand what treatment is right for you and learn about your condition. The most common treatment chiropractors use is called an “adjustment”. An adjustment is the manipulation of the vertebrae of your joints and/or spine. This is done by applying controlled force to the joint and going through a range of motions. Chiropractic treatment is used on patients who have back pains/injuries, neck pains/injuries, strains or strains, sports injuries, work injuries, and pains associated with arthritis. With 3 locations in the GTA, The First Health Group is here to help treat any pain you may have. One of our licensed Chiropractors will decide what treatment is best for you and what will benefit you most depending on what conditions you have. The length of each treatment session depends on the condition being treated, which is determined by your chiropractor.

Does Chiropractic treatment actually help with back and neck pain? Not only does chiropractic treatment help with neck and back pain, it also improves many other parts and functions of the body. Receiving chiropractic treatment can help improve blood pressure, can help treat patients with scoliosis, relieve headaches, reduce inflammation in parts of the body, can help improve athletic performance, can help with vertigo, can improve your posture and can help with lower back pain. Chiropractic care also helps to improve your overall wellness, such as your mood and stress level 2. This treatment often leaves patients with a feeling of calmness and a clearer state of mind.

Are there any side effects to receiving chiropractic treatment?  There are a few common side effects to receiving this form of treatment, side effects are not major and are not a risk to your overall health and wellness. Some common side effects are discomfort in the treated area. This can occur during or after the treatment, which is a common feeling to experience. Another side effect is fatigue or headaches, and last but least common is nausea and/or dizziness. If you feel any of the above effects during or after treatment, let your chiropractor know so you can adjust the treatment to fit your needs better.

For those without extended healthcare, we offer affordable pricing to help you get back to normal. Don’t wait while you’re in pain, request an appointment today at The Health First Group in Mississauga Millcreek, Mississauga Heartland, Milton, or Etobicoke. Our Chiropractors in all three cities are ready to educate you on movement and your pain, to get you feeling normal. This article was written by Hina Shaikh, PT who works at both our Mississauga and Milton locations as a physiotherapist.

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