Physiotherapy in 2022 is very important because it allows for us to possibly reduce or eliminate pain in our bodies, joints, and muscles. Physiotherapy has been offered since 435 BC when Hippocrates began advising massage, hydrotherapy, and manual therapy. All these techniques are the first origins to physio. One of the main reasons why patients come into The Health First Group for physiotherapy is due to lower back pain. With the overwhelming number of individuals working from home and sitting at a desk, it allows for a higher chance of experiencing pain in your back and neck. At a workplace, you’re given a chair, desk, etc. all of which are ergonomically correct. At home, you may not know how to make your workspace ergonomic. Today, we’re going to discuss the importance of physiotherapy in 2022. However, tomorrow we will be discussing workspace ergonomics, at which time this blog will be updated with a link to connect.

The University of Saskatchewan published an article stating why a physiotherapist may offer the most effective treatment. We would recommend giving it a read as it will further educate you on the importance of physiotherapy in 2022. In accordance with the University of Saskatchewan’s article and additional research, it is crucial to note that in Canada one in five adults will experience chronic back pain in their lifetime. Unfortunately, one third of Canadians don’t have access to extended healthcare and will end up relying on a few of the solutions below. We would highly encourage those who can afford physiotherapy to indulge and reap the benefits.

The average amount of treatments for lower back pain in Mississauga, Milton, or Etobicoke equate to 2.39 times per week. This is based on a study conducted by Mikhail C, Korner-Bitensky N, Rossignol M, et al.1 They found that those with acute lower back pain saw physiotherapists 2.39 times per week to notice results. Moreover, it is important to note that back pain in general is a leading cause of disability worldwide. Thus, a call to action was published by The Lancet emphasizing the risks of over-medicalization of back pain globally. In other words, when we go to see a doctor, we may be sent for x-rays, CT scans, MRIs, or even given opioids. However, all these healthcare options are expensive and allow for a higher risk to long term disability. Most back pain issues can be more effectively treated through manual therapy, exercise, and education. All of which are connected to physiotherapy.

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  1. Mikhail C, Korner-Bitensky N, Rossignol M, et al. . Physical therapists’ use of interventions with high evidence of effectiveness in the management of a hypothetical typical patient with acute low back pain. Phys Ther. 2005;85(11):1151–67. Medline:16253045[PubMed] []