Why Golfers Love Visiting the Chiropractor

//Why Golfers Love Visiting the Chiropractor

As the weather finally begins to warm up in Mississauga, some of you may enjoy spending some time playing golf. While it is a great past time, some will fee pain in the lower back on the next day. You may be thinking…well does golfing produce lower back pain?

According to the Professional Golfers Association, lower back pain is a common issue amongst golfers. This could be due to playing too much or too little. For instance, some golfers may not be getting enough regular physical activity…others may be lacking proper swing technique which leads to tension on the lower back. Perhaps getting some golfing lessons could help lessen this risk.

Moreover, engaging in regular physical activity, walking, or another type of aerobic activity is helpful in preventing lower back pain. You must be aware of your endurance as you are playing, so you do not continue once you are tired. In other words, as one gets tired, their swing mechanics may worsen, leading to spinal stiffness and increased pain in the lower back.

Many professional golfers such as Tiger Woods, Zach Johnson, and Mike Weird regularly consult their chiropractor. If it has been working for them, it’s worth a shot for you to try it too!

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