As summer has ended, many students begin to dread going back to school. However, going back to school can actually be exciting and fun if you get a healthy start. To make the process of getting back into the school routine, the following consists of things you can do to make it easy and fun for your children;

  • Get a Planner

Using a weekly planner can help you properly manage your time and ensure that you complete all your work in a timely manner. This will keep you from being up all night and cramming everything that needs to get done before the deadline. Managing your time can help you manage your stress and keep you productive. Stressing too much can be detrimental to your health and will ultimately impact your grades. Thus, try using a planner to manage your time and reduce daily stress!

  • Sleep Early

Getting the right amount of sleep each night can improve your focus and mood for the day. It can often be hard to adjust from having a all-nighter summer bedtime to a early school bedtime. However, you can prepare for going back to school by sleeping 15-minutes earlier each night for one week before school begins. This will make the transition much easier and you will feel better rested throughout the day. You can also do this by putting away any electronics one hour before you wish to sleep. The lights on your electronic devices prevent your body from releasing melatonin. Melatonin is the hormone in the body, which induces sleep. Thus, putting your phone away will naturally allow your body to release melatonin and lead to a better sleep!

  • Get Involved

Students should be encouraged to join school groups or sports teams. This is because students often go from an active summer to sitting for long periods of time in class during school. It is important for a child’s growing body to have all their physical and mental needs met. Therefore, joining student groups as well as being focused in class helps one achieve proper nervous system communication. Also, sitting for long periods of time for students can be harmful for their spine. Thus, joining groups will allow them to get active and even make more friends!

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