Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy for Chronic Pelvic Pain


Chronic Pelvic Pain Chronic pelvic pain is an incessant painful condition which is located at the pelvis, pelvic floor, lumbosacral region, and anterior abdominal wall or below. This condition can last for a minimum of six months and affect the individual's daily life adversely. It affects the quality of life physically and socially by causing [...]

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Experiencing Headaches? Massage Therapy in Milton is a Solution


Headaches. They’re tough. They can sometimes be passed off if they’re not too bad but sometimes they can limit your ability to work, make it hard to sleep, and make it even harder to complete your daily activities. Massage therapy in Milton is a non-pharmacological option for our Milton patients to pursue to find some [...]

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Looking for a Better Night’s Sleep?


Whether you are in Mississauga, Milton, Etobicoke, or anywhere in the Greater Toronto Area and looking for a better night’s sleep then you have come to the right place. Being well rested leads to a more productive day, a healthy mind, and body. This is especially important during these unprecedented times where majority of us [...]

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Who Can Benefit from Acupuncture?


Acupuncture utilizes very fine needles that are penetrated in different parts of the body. This is done strategically to stimulate specific areas of the body. Your acupuncturist may utilize heat, massage or even add manual pressure to the treatment. Acupuncture is typically utilized for pain management, chronic conditions or even injury prevention. See below for [...]

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Achieve Overall Wellness with Massage Therapy in Milton


Why do you need massage therapy in Milton? Improved sleep Feel like you’re tossing and turning each night? With a relaxed body and mind you will be able to sleep better and reach REM sleep. REM sleep is often known as the deepest level of sleep; which is also known to improve brain function!  When [...]

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The Importance of Stretching


With busy lifestyles, most people are not getting in the amount of physical activity that is recommended. Adults should aim to get approximately 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per week. You can try to maximize the amount of physical activity you get each week by doing the following: Find a gym partner [...]

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5 Advantages to TeleHealth in Mississauga


With the drastic changes that many encountered over the last few weeks due to the pandemic, we aim to ensure that we are not compromising anyone’s health. TeleHealth in Mississauga brings your physiotherapist right to your home through your phone or laptop! You will be able to connect and get treatment in real time via [...]

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What to Look For When Finding a Physiotherapist in Milton


Whether you experienced bad whiplash from a car accident or are experiencing back pain from working long hours, a visit to a physiotherapist in Milton may be what you need.  Finding a physiotherapist that is suited for your needs can often be a confusing process. The following are some tips that you can use when [...]

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Winter & Snow Shoveling Tips


It's the most wonderful time of the year 🎵 But with the most wonderful time comes a burden of epic proportions for most homeowners — the dreaded morning shovel before going into work. Even though it's an everyday necessity in most Canadians daily routine, there are a lot of common mistakes that may seem minor [...]

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Benefits of Physiotherapy


There is a lot to learn about physiotherapy, far more than can be conveyed at just one time. So we’re starting a mini series of posts that can help understand the value of what we offer. Fact 1 - Physiotherapy is excellent at helping people prepare their bodies for surgery and fully recover from [...]

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