Physiotherapy in Mississauga has been helping patients during the pandemic alongside doctors and nurses. Physiotherapists have been helping those in the post-recovery phase after they have recovered from the coronavirus. For example, those coming out of ICU are referred to a physiotherapist who will help them regain their mobility and unlock all the movements in their body. In other words, physiotherapists are the ones helping patients get back to their normal lifestyle for a full recovery.

Intensive Care

Firstly, we’re going to focus on patients in intensive care. Once a patient enters an intensive care unit, they are there for an average of 7-10 days. During this time, they are sedated and intubated as doctors and nurses rush to get enough oxygen into their blood. During this process, many patients have trouble with their memory and tend to forget the early stages of the ICU. While in ICU and once patients move onto a ward, they are constantly in contact with a physiotherapist helping them get moving again. For example, a physiotherapist helps patients to the edge of a bed, sit in a chair, and stand up from a seated position. By performing these activities, patients are also breathing a little harder, thus strengthening their respiratory systems as well. At the end of the day, all these little activities will help prepare the patient for a full recovery in order to return home and back to their normal lifestyle. Physical rehabilitation is very important when it comes to the recovery stage from being in the intensive care unit, motor vehicle accident, or even a trip or fall.

Furthermore, it is important to note that once patients leave the hospital, they are given a treatment plan by their physiotherapist. This is to further strengthen their core, respiratory system, and improve their mobility. Physiotherapists need to also think about their patients’ long-term challenges with recovery and see what can be done to reduce or eliminate all concerns. Many aren’t aware, but those who survive COVID-19 suffer from breathlessness, fatigue, and neurological issues.

At The Health First Group Mississauga Millcreek, Mississauga Heartland, Milton, and Etobicoke our physiotherapists are ready to help you with your current pains and post-recovery. We offer physiotherapy services at our clinic and virtually. On our physiotherapy treatment page, you can find a list of our certified physiotherapists in Mississauga, Milton, and Etobicoke.


This article was written by Hina Shaikh, PT who works at both our Mississauga and Milton locations as a physiotherapist.

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