What are the Benefits of Milton Physiotherapy?

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Visiting a Milton Physiotherapy Clinic can be extremely beneficial because our physiotherapists in Milton are trained to identify the root cause(s) of your pain(s) and/or injury. Pain and pain tolerance will vary for everyone, but it is important to get it checked right away. Physiotherapy is open to all ages, [...]

How Physiotherapy in Mississauga is Helping Patients During Pandemic

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Physiotherapy in Mississauga has been helping patients during the pandemic alongside doctors and nurses. Physiotherapists have been helping those in the post-recovery phase after they have recovered from the coronavirus. For example, those coming out of ICU are referred to a physiotherapist who will help them regain their mobility and [...]

Types Of Physiotherapy Exercises To Improve Mental Health

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Physical health and mental health are both essential components of a healthy life. However, people often find it challenging to understand the benefits of physiotherapy on mental health. In addition, tackling your goals is much easier if you have a strong willpower, steady focus, and calm emotions. Physiotherapy can be [...]

What is Vestibular Physiotherapy

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What is Vestibular PhysiotherapyManaging dizziness during the pandemic, how vestibular physiotherapy can enhance stability.What is vestibular:Over 35% of Americans aged 40 years and older (69 million Americans) have had a vestibular dysfunction in their lives. Vestibular balance disorder is most commonly caused by an injury or aging. This happens when fluid [...]

Leg Stretches to Prevent Cramps when WFH

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Stuck working from home in Mississauga, Milton, or Etobicoke? Are your legs sore from sitting under a desk all day? It is tiring but do not worry. Leg stretches are a great way to get rid of all that tension and stress radiating in your legs. If stretching is not [...]

8 Exercises for Easing Tennis Elbow and Prevention Tips

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Despite its name, Tennis Elbow does not just come from playing tennis. Tennis Elbow, scientifically known as lateral epicondylitis, is a condition that comes from repetitive motions of the wrist and arm joints. Though the name states it may only be an athlete related injury, that is not true. Anyone [...]

The Importance of Stretching

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With busy lifestyles, most people are not getting in the amount of physical activity that is recommended. Adults should aim to get approximately 150 minutes of moderate to intense physical activity per week.You can try to maximize the amount of physical activity you get each week by doing the following:Find [...]

Why Is Physical Therapy Important After Being Diagnosed with A Fracture?

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Why physical therapy is important: a fracture or dislocation is resulted from excessive force being applied to the area. This can cause a complete or incomplete break in the bone. However, a dislocation results from a bone that becomes disconnected and separated from another bone. Fractures and dislocations can be [...]

The Importance of Physiotherapy for Athletes in Mississauga

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Being a good athlete requires strength, endurance and stamina. This is why it is so important for athletes in Mississauga to have a healthy body, which allows them to achieve the greatest results. Physiotherapy in Mississauga utilizes various manual techniques that promote mobility and joint function. Some forms of physiotherapy [...]

5 Reasons Why Physiotherapy in Mississauga is Beneficial

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5 Reasons Why Physiotherapy in Mississauga is BeneficialAt The Health First Group we focus on helping individuals suffering with musculoskeletal problems. This is why we have written 5 reasons why physiotherapy in Mississauga is beneficial. Physiotherapy in Mississauga can really help those who have suffered from an injury, pain, and [...]

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