How Physiotherapy in Mississauga is Helping Patients During Pandemic

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Physiotherapy in Mississauga has been helping patients during the pandemic alongside doctors and nurses. Physiotherapists have been helping those in the post-recovery phase after they have recovered from the coronavirus. For example, those coming out of ICU are referred to a physiotherapist who will help them regain their mobility and [...]

How to Locate the Best Physiotherapist

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If you're looking to locate the best physiotherapist in Mississauga, Milton, or Etobicoke...then you've come to the right place! The Health First Group has 3 locations to serve you. Physiotherapy is a method widely used to help people who have an injury, pain, or stiffness in the muscle or joints. [...]

Mississauga Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain

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Whether you're a juggling mom who can't find time for herself in the home and office work or an athlete, anyone can have a lower back pain issue. Not just that, but this lower back pain is quite common due to various health and hormonal issues too. Today, plenty of [...]

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