Experiencing low back pain? Here’s how to treat low back pain in Milton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke.

The lumbar section, also known as the low back, is the part of the back that starts below the ribcage. Almost everybody experiences low back pain at some stage in life. In Canada it is one of the major causes of missed time at work. Fortunately, it typically gets better by itself. If things don’t change, the doctor will provide you with a number of effective treatments.

A mild cramp to a burning or severe pain are all possibilities. Low back pain will make it difficult to walk or stand up straight. Acute pain is described as pain that strikes suddenly. It may be as a result of heavy lifting or sports. Pain that lasts more than three months is referred to as chronic pain. You should see a doctor if the pain remains after 72 hours.

Lumbar pain is a common health issue in workplaces, and the majority of workers experience it at some point during their careers. Low back pain has a strong impact on individuals and their families, as well as corporations and governments.

Low back pain in Canada

Problems related to back are considered one of the most prevalent chronic illnesses in Canada. Back pain affects four out of every five people at some point in their lives, with the majority of cases occurring between the ages of 30 and 50. Men and women both can suffer from back problems with the same frequency.

The issues related to low back pain (LBP) are currently a significant source of concern for public health officials as well as the local public in developing countries. The prevalence of LBP is estimated to range from 1.4 to 20.0 % worldwide. In reality, in some areas, LBP is the most common cause of work-related musculoskeletal diseases, and it causes serious issues in people’s personal and professional lives. Sleep disorders, impairment, invalidity, job absenteeism, low productivity, and difficulties carrying out the occupation chosen by of worker are all examples of this.

In countries like Canada, the prevalence of LBP ranges from 1.4 to 20.0 percent. As a rule with respect to the current study and the vast majority of other studies conducted in Saudi Arabia, the country has a greater LBP prevalence rate than other nations. The low back was perhaps the most commonly diagnosed pain area, after neck pain.

Massage Therapy for Low Back Pain

Many lumber pain or lower back conditions will benefit from massage therapy, which can help with healing and pain relief. When the correct muscle is targeted for pain caused by a back strain, the pain can be managed at its source for faster and longer relief.

The quadratus lumborum and the gluteus medius are two main muscles that help to stabilize and protect your lower back and hips. As the biomechanics of these muscles shift as a result of pressure or fatigue, many issues may arise, including lower back pain, stiffness, and/or reduced mobility.

Lower Back Pain and its Treatments with Chiropractic

Chiropractic is a field of medicine that focuses on the non-surgical treatment of musculoskeletal and nervous system problems. Chiropractors usually focus on handling of the spine as well as the treatment of deeper structures. According to the suggestion many chiropractic manual procedures, are typically beneficial for the prevention of back pain, lumbar herniated discs for radiculopathy, and neck pain, along with other disorders.

Chiropractic mobilization is described as low-velocity stimulation, movement, muscle stretching, and joints to increase range of motion within those locations.

Initially, in chiropractic treatment, the medical history of a patient is taken, and then the chiropractor moves to conduct a physical examination. After physical evaluation, diagnostic tests or lab tests can be conducted for proper treatment. The doctor makes many manual adjustments in chiropractic, such as adjusting the joints with a guided, direct blow to increase quality and level of motion. Many chiropractors provide nutritional therapy and exercise/rehabilitation in their treatment plans. Chiropractic treatment helps to regain function and prevent damage, as well as to improve overall health.

Physiotherapy for Low Back Pain

Patients for most cases of lumber pain are often recommended four weeks of physical therapy as a nonsurgical recovery method before moving on to more serious therapies, such as back surgery. Physiotherapy helps to alleviate back pain, boost function, and educate the patient on how to avoid potential back injuries with a support program.

Using services of The Health First Group for the Treatment of Low Back Pain

All procedures required for lumber pain are provided under one roof of The Health First Group. The Health First Group is located in Etobicoke, Mississagua, and Milton, Ontario. We provide health services related to massage therapy, physiotherapy, acupuncture, osteopathy, cold laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and many more.

Our qualified and skilled health care professionals are committed to facilitating you in achieving your objectives. Each patient receives a separate care plan based on specific requirements. We review and monitor your progress so that we can keep track of routine updates and change any new therapies or resources you may need. We try our best to get you back to your old lifestyle.



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