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How to Relieve Back Pain While Working From Home


With the ongoing pandemic, you are probably used to working from home frequently. More than 40% of Canada’s population has found themselves working remotely all the time at home. However, with working from home, comes the pain and tension from it. Lack of movement causes soreness and numbness in the legs. What seems to be [...]

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Mississauga Physiotherapy for Lower Back Pain


Whether you're a juggling mom who can't find time for herself in the home and office work or an athlete, anyone can have a lower back pain issue. Not just that, but this lower back pain is quite common due to various health and hormonal issues too. Today, plenty of people suffer from this type [...]

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Mississauga Chiropractor For Better Posture


A bad posture can have a pretty severe impact on one’s nervous system and spine. If you’re prone to slouching or forward head translation, then you require a chiropractor to get your posture straight and healthy for your body. A good posture can help keep a proper alignment of bones and joints, lowers stress on [...]

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How to Treat Low Back Pain in Milton, Mississauga, and Etobicoke


The lumbar section, also known as the low back, is the part of the back that starts below the ribcage. Almost everybody experiences low back pain at some stage in life. In Canada it is one of the major causes of missed time at work. Fortunately, it typically gets better by itself. If things don't change, [...]

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