Poor posture is the result of specific muscles tightening in the back and shoulders. This can cause a slouched and limp looking back. Poor posture also results in muscles becoming weak and frail. This is often caused by one’s lifestyle such as a sedentary work environment. The following consist of reasons and ways you can correct your posture;

  • Breathe Easier

The process of breathing is dependent on the muscles that surround your neck and collarbone as opposed to the diaphragm. In the occurrence of poor posture, several of the upper body muscles are unable to function effectively. When you have a perfectly aligned back, your muscles in the upper body become tighter which allows you to have deeper and easier breaths. To improve your breathing pattern, practice by inhaling and holding it for four seconds and then releasing the breath at the same pace.

  • Improve Muscles and Body Joints

Good posture ensures that the joints, muscles and bones in your body are aligned correctly. A slouched posture can weaken your body and potentially lead to arthritis if not taken care of. Good posture also decreases the stress and tension that is put on your spine.  This will help prevent injury and muscle fatigue that may develop over time.

  • Look More Confident

You may have noticed that those who are confident and self-assured have good posture. Good posture can improve your overall mood, confidence and well being. Standing tall with your shoulders tucked back is considered a “power move”. Studies have shown that good posture is a stance that subconsciously uplifts your confidence. Good posture can also make you look slimmer and lean as it can conceal approximately three to five pounds.

  • Improve Body Circulation and Digestion

Good posture can also improve the blood circulation in your body. Standing upright allows you to inhale more oxygen, thus encouraging the flow in your body. This can also improve digestion and the function of gastrointestinal apparatus. Poor posture can restrict the movement in the diaphragm and weaken the function of the abdominal muscles. Thus, improving your posture can in turn enhance the function of digestion.

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