Pediatric Physiotherapy

//Pediatric Physiotherapy

Pediatric physiotherapy is for babies and young children. Physiotherapy is typically used to improve ones mobility, function and treat injury. This can often help those who regularly suffer with bodily pain. Physiotherapy can be very beneficial to young children who are facing developmental problems with mobility, flexibility or even those who have endured injury. It is essential that children are developing their motor skills at a steady pace to ensure proper growth and wellbeing. Physiotherapy (PT) is safe for infants or children, but must be done carefully and gently as their bodies are much more delicate than an adult.

It is important that you pay a visit to your physiotherapist if your child suffers with motor delay, down syndrome, cerebral palsy or even muscular dystrophy. Physiotherapist aims to minimize the effects of these disorders, whilst improving the function of the body. It can also be used for those infants who are simply just slower at meeting their motor milestones. PT will help infants learn basic skills such as crawling, sitting or walking small steps.

Methods of Therapy:

There is a great variety of physiotherapy modalities that can help improve your child’s mobility, development and motor skills. Your PT may use several different stretching exercises, which will ultimately prevent your child’s muscles from excessively stiffening. The physiotherapist may also provide steps on how to position your child during daily activities such as sleeping or when sitting for long hours. These exercises should typically be done regularly to provide effective results.

Your child may have to engage in different exercises to develop various skills. Your PT will utilize various activities such as using a ball-pit, low beam or other exercise machines to gradually increase the function of the muscles and body.

What to Expect?

Your local physiotherapist will guide you through the process of improving your child’s overall health and development. Your PT will begin by taking an in-depth history of your child’s health, habits and any previous injuries. Your physiotherapist will then take a full examination of your child’s overall mobility, motor, flexibility and other skills. This information will then be precisely studied and formulated into a treatment plan. Your PT will always aim to figure out the root cause and target that issue as opposed to concealing symptoms. Remember to take your child to a PT if you feel unsure about their motor or developmental skills!

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