Physiotherapy for Arthritis

//Physiotherapy for Arthritis

Many people all around the world suffer with common problems such as Arthritis or bodily pain. Arthritis occurs due to the inflammation in joints or connective tissue. There are many different types of arthritis such as degenerative or inflammatory conditions. Degenerative arthritis occurs when the cartilage that exists between the bones begins to wear away, causing the bones to rub against each other. This one of the most common forms and can cause pain, stiffness or even swelling. However; inflammatory arthritis also known as Rheumatoid and often arises when a weakened immune system attacks the joints, causing them to wear away.

Physiotherapy can greatly benefit those who suffer with arthritis due to the following 4 reasons below;

1. Relieving Body Aches

Suffering with mild or sever cases of arthritis can cause discomfort or pain. Many often feel a numbing pain or tingling feeling that can hinder the quality of your life. Physiotherapy helps ease the tension within the surrounding muscles. Your physiotherapist will also utilize various modalities to prevent your bones from rubbing together.

2. Better Information and Guidance

Your physiotherapist can provide you with detailed information about the type of arthritis you suffer with. A physiotherapist will perform a complete evaluation that will help you determine the root cause and create an effective treatment plan. Your treatment plan will also include various techniques or exercises you can do to reduce pain and degeneration.

3. Minimize Inflammation in Body

It is common for people to experience inflamed joints as well as swelling within the affected areas. This is likely to occur in ones hands, knees, ankles, spines, elbow or even the neck. Your physiotherapist can help offer solutions such as lifestyle changes or a series of motions you can do that can help you manage and minimize overall inflammation.

4. Preventative Measures

Your physiotherapist can help you work towards achieving a healthier body. This is by offering you with opportunities and techniques that prevent you from developing arthritis. Physiotherapy will effectively improve mobility, without worsening the symptoms of arthritis. You will also be provided with guidance on methods to prevent arthritis according to your unique lifestyle.

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