Maintaining a Healthy Spine On Your Holiday Travels

//Maintaining a Healthy Spine On Your Holiday Travels

1. Get Active

Going on a road trip or taking long flights can have you sitting for long periods of time. This can cause your back, shoulders and pelvis to feel sore or stiff. You can beat the stiffness by going on a short walk or stretching every 60 minutes. This will help keep the muscles active and prevent them from getting tense. You can also prevent this by gently massaging your shoulders to relieve stress.

2. Manage your luggage!

Remember to pack efficiently and make sure that your carry-ons and purses are not too heavy on your back and shoulders. You can do this by placing all your heavy items in a checked-in luggage or you can use a cart for all your heavy carry-on items. You may also have to continually lift your luggage so make sure that you are doing this correctly, without straining your back. Packing light will help you have a smoother holiday travel experience.

3. Sit Correctly

Sitting in a plane or car for long house can be exhausting. While doing so, make sure that you have the correct posture and sitting position. Place your feet flat on the floor with your knees bent at an approximate angle of 90 degrees. Sit upright with your shoulders tucked back and your head supported.

4. Plan Ahead

Although last minute travel plans can be exciting and thrilling, it is better to plan ahead. Planning your holiday ahead of time can prevent you from having to move locations unnecessarily or even help you stay on schedule. Last minute plans can often be stressful and may result in added stress of lifting excessive baggage weight.

5. Keep a Travel Pillow

Keeping a travel pillow is essential for long travels. This will help support your neck and head during those times where you must sit for long periods of time. You can conveniently pick one up from the closest duty free in the airport when you are on the go.

6. Support your back

It is important to support your back while you are on your holidays. You can do this by rolling up a small blanket or placing a pillow on the lower back portion of your seat. This will add additional comfort whilst supporting your back.

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