Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy in Mississauga and Etobicoke

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What is it?

Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy in Mississauga and Etobicoke is an exercise-based program aimed to improve balance and coordination.  The goal of vestibular rehabilitation therapy (VRT) is to promote compensation. This is a process that enables to brain to use other senses such as sight and somatosensory to compensate for the deficiency that exists within the vestibular system. Individuals with vestibular disorders may encounter problems with vertigo, visual disturbances, imbalance or dizziness. Although this is an ongoing process and may require regular treatment, it has proven to be effective to minimize symptoms. It is recommended to practice the following exercises daily to ensure a steady recovery.

Primary Exercises:

  • Habituation:

Habituation exercises are utilized when treating one’s symptoms such as dizziness due to self-motion.  The goal of these exercises is to minimize dizziness by engaging with continuous exposure of specific movements and visual stimuli. These exercises may also be beneficial to individuals who report experiencing dizziness when placed within visually stimulating environments. This includes encounters with busy malls, watching action movies or even walking on heavily patterned flooring.

  • Gaze Stabilization:

These exercises aim to improve and control the visual and physical eye movements. This will allow the brain to register a clear image of their surroundings without experience blurry vision or dizziness.  Generally, gaze stabilization exercises involve focusing on an object whilst maintaining stable head movements .The different types of gaze stabilization exercises depend on the various type and extent of the present vestibular disorder. According to several studies, it is evident that gaze stabilization exercises have been effective for individuals overcoming bilateral vestibular loss. To ensure the maximum effectiveness, it is recommended to practice these exercises daily!

  • Balance Training:

Ensuring that your body is well balanced is extremely important as improper balance can negatively impact your daily life and safety. Balance training exercises are focused on improving ones steadiness and overall balance. These exercises are specifically designed to reduce the risk of falling and eliminate environmental barriers. Individuals who struggle to walk in the dark or on uneven pavement may benefit from balance training exercises. They also enable individuals to bent, crouch or turn with ease.

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