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Stress and Massage Therapy


How to cope with stress during this pandemic through massage therapy About 8 in 10 adults (78%) say that this pandemic has been a significant source of stress in their life. The pandemic has brough an increased stress toll to many individuals. Stress has always been a common part of individuals lives, but the pandemic [...]

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How to Relieve Back Pain While Working From Home


With the ongoing pandemic, you are probably used to working from home frequently. More than 40% of Canada’s population has found themselves working remotely all the time at home. However, with working from home, comes the pain and tension from it. Lack of movement causes soreness and numbness in the legs. What seems to be [...]

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Types of Massage Therapy in Milton


Massage is a therapeutic practice of rubbing the body with hands. A massage therapist applies pressure onto your muscles and joints gently to eradicate the tension and stress from your body. People who suffer from body aches tend to find significant relief from massage therapies. In Milton, massage therapy is commonly approached by many people. [...]

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How often should you get a massage in Milton?


Getting a massage can be an excellent way of relaxing and destressing. Some people book a massage in Milton as a way to rejuvenate and refreshen their bodies. Whereas there are others who have to book massages to ease pain or address a medical condition or issue. Some people like to massage themselves. For instance, [...]

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