Physical Therapy and Pregnancy

//Physical Therapy and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can cause changes in the body that can often cause discomfort or pain. Many pregnant women experience increased back pain as they move further along their pregnancy. This is due to the added weight their spine must endure and carry. Physical therapy can help ease back pain as it targets the root cause. Physical therapy focuses on improving joint alignment, nerve function, flexibility and even overall muscle strength.

Physical Therapy Benefits for Pregnancy:

  • Joint Alignment

Physical therapy consists of exercises and manual therapies that help your joints align. This will ensure efficiency and will reduce any stress or strain that is being added onto your joints during your pregnancy.

  • Improved Nerve Function

The spine is the control spot of your nerve function. By having a healthy spine, your nerve function will improve. Physical therapy helps support your spine with various exercises and modalities.

  • Strengthened Core

Your pelvic core is the base of your body and internal organs. It is important that your core is strengthened to ease the delivery and recovery process. Physical therapy has a focus on Pelvic floor therapy, which is specifically to strengthen the core of pregnant women.

Post Partum Physical Therapy:

It is important to remember that your body is still recovering even after giving birth. Your body continues to change and heal as it enters the post partum stage. Whether you had a C-section or gave birth naturally, it is always beneficial to pay a visit to a physical therapist. The abdominal muscles can be greatly disturbed during pregnancy and delivery. Often times the abdominal muscles must stretch great amounts but may also be cut if you have undergone a C-section.

The muscles endure a lot of strain and stress during the labor and delivery process. Thus, physical therapy ensures efficient recovery by supporting the muscles. Your physical therapist may also provide you with unique exercises that will help you regain strength. This process will aim to support your spine as your body heals to return to its original form.

The pelvic floor therapy has been proven to be useful for post-partum recovery. Studies have shown that approximately 50% up to 70% of women experience lower back or pelvis pain. Your physical therapist will show you pelvic floor exercises that should be done regularly. These will help strengthen the pelvis, which supports the spine and major internal organs. In summary, a physical therapist can help ease the effects of pregnancy before, during and after labor.

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