What is Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is a health care profession which helps patients to overcome aches and pains, restoring their body to original functionality. Often people associate physiotherapy with athletes or rehabilitation, but physiotherapy has many applications outside of this.

How can Physiotherapy help you?
Physiotherapy can help you improve your health by:
• Preventing Injuries
• Encouraging an Active Lifestyle
• Reducing Pains
• Maximizing Strength
• Increasing Flexibility
• Improving Breathing

These are all common benefits which everyone can relate to, so how can you determine when you need a physiotherapist?

When to visit a Physiotherapist

• Your body movements feel restricted, when moving your body is either in pain or restricted.
• You have trouble with your Balance and Coordination, if this issue is not dealt with it exposes you to falls and issues in the future.
• You have suffered a neurological issue, you’ve had a stroke and your mobility has been impacted.
• You have trouble sleeping at night, sleep patterns are a good indication of how your body is doing.
• You have body pains which won’t go away, often body pains come and go within a few days. If the pain doesn’t go away there’s no need to suffer, visit a physiotherapist!
• After an injury, another part of your body is in pain, often the point of injury is not the same as the point of pain
• You have an old injury that just won’t heal, an injury which constantly comes and goes but never truly feels resolved
• You’re extremely active or a sports player, ensuring that your body is in peak condition will help you perform and prevent injuries
• You had a minor home injury, a sprained ankle or knee injury may not seem like a big deal but may cause future problems.
• You’re pregnant and have back pains, although some pains are natural, you can still feel comfortable.
• You had a car or work accident, small accidents can leave a lasting damage if they are not dealt with.

These are a few of the various signs that you should visit a physiotherapist in Mississauga!

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