5 Ways Athletes Benefit from Chiropractic Care in Mississauga

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1) Non-Invasive and Drug Free Treatment

Chiropractic Care is a healthy and effective alternative for relieving pain and providing preventative benefits such as flexibility, enhanced performance and body balance. Numerous independent studies have shown that Chiropractic Care can assist in the healing process eliminating the need for drugs and surgery. The most common forms of treatment methods are:

Graston Technique

  • This method of treatment is a non-invasive technique which breaks down scar tissue by using steel equipment. The chiropractic doctor applies the correct amount of pressure to athlete’s body to break down scar tissue.

Active Release Technique

  • ART is a technique which is used to prevent and break up dense scar tissue. This method of chiropractic treatment focuses on massaging and stretching targeted areas of the patient’s body.

Electrical Muscle Stimulation

  • A highly effective treatment for athletes is EMS, this treatment uses electrical charges to stimulate muscles and joints.

2) Remedy Sports Related Injuries

No matter the sport you play, the body takes a toll over time. Studies have shown that high impact sports such as hockey, football and wrestling place the same strain on the body as an auto collision. For athletes to stay healthy and relieve pain they must remedy injuries and take preventative measures. Many athletes rely on routine chiropractic treatments to resolve misalignments throughout the body and increase their range of motion.

3) Improved Performance and Injury Prevention

Everyone values the importance of their spine, while some value it for their health athletes rely on it for their career. The performance of athletes is affected by their strength, flexibility, speed and coordination. For athletes to stay in tip top condition they receive routine adjustments to achieve optimal performance.

4) Fixing asymmetries within the Body

A common cause of injuries in athletes is asymmetry throughout the body. Asymmetry occurs when one half of the body is different from the other half, this transpires due to one side of the body being stronger than the other. Chiropractic care can resolve this issue by correctly alighting the body through a soft tissue massage which fixes mobility and flexibility issues.

5) Promote Faster Healing

The healing process is often delayed due to misalignments within the body. When an athlete is injured the body automatically attempts to protect itself with muscle spasms and inflammation. While this may sound great, it drastically increases the time associated with healing. To speed up the healing process and reduce pain athletes use chiropractic treatments to assist in the appropriate recovery process of their muscles.

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